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Current events have shown us that the topics discussed in this documentary are significant at every level. Male and female citizens are up in arms over the urgency of the situation, politicians are looking into it, civil society is rallying together, the youngest generations are expressing a desire for change... We want this documentary to help develop arguments, raise both individual and collective awareness, and enhance initiatives.

The topics covered are vast, complex and interwoven. It is, therefore, crucial to give you the opportunity to have more in-depth discussions about these ideas and to establish a connection between them. This file is aimed primarily to teachers, educators, teaching staff and parents. But anyone who would like to learn more will find something to whet their appetite. We have chosen to split the press file into ten different topics but they are still closely interlinked in a cross-cutting way. Each topic is around four pages long. Starting with a problematic or motivational situation, it explores the concepts covered, makes links between them, and provides references and educational tools to raise awareness and “experience the topic”. It also does this for the “take action” and “be part of the change” sections.

In order to be fully accessible, this file comes in two formats. It comes as a PDF brochure which can be downloaded (and printed in A4) in its entirety or by topic. The file can also be found on a user-friendly website

This press file was co-designed with the help of a working group of seasoned experts, including scientists, teachers, educators, influencers, and collaborators from associations working on environmental issues, global citizenship or meditation.


As well as providing a list of suggested tools at the end of each topic in this file, a whole host of further educational material is referenced on the Réseau IDée website. A wealth of resources can be found there and it gathers numerous environmental and educational tools from all over the French-speaking world, which can be accessed through a powerful and intuitive search engine. These can also be found at Réseau IDée's resource centre, where they will be happy to advise you. Highly recommended for all educators!


Writing and production

Laurent Geissmann

Transition Durable

Working and co-creation group

Anne-Valerie Guillot-Giannoli

Being, in the present

Éric Petitjean

Gauthier Chapelle

Jose Javier Paniagua

European Foundation for the Rights of Living Organisms

Laurent Geissmann

Transition Durable

Natacha Sensique

Réseau IDée

Nicolas Leboutte

Athénée royal d’Auderghem - La Brise (secondary school in Brussels)

Syem Mabrouk

Athénée royal d’Auderghem - La Brise

Yvan Beck

Documentary writer

Proofreading and editing

Jean-Jacques Didier


Poster and cover:

Wattana (Paris, 2003) Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes © Chris Herzfeld/MNHN - Photographs from the book « Les Grands Singes. L’Humanité au fond des yeux » (Great Apes. Gazing Deep into Humanity's Eyes) by Pascal Picq, Dominique Lestel, Vinciane Despret et Chris Herzfeld © Odile Jacob, 2005




Graphic design and layout

Christoph Heinen


Responsible publisher

Jose Javier Paniagua

European Foundation for the Rights of Living Organisms

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